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Raemõisa new residential quarter is in beautiful Rae County, only 3-minute drive away from the border of Tallinn. There are convenient exit and entry points located close by for Tallinn-Tartu highway that offer new residents a quick connection with the city. The new development consists of 2 and 3 storey buildings rated with A-energy efficiency class and designed in cooperation with well-known PIN Architects. Well through thought architecture, larger terraces balconies, green location, and interesting rest- and play areas are only some the aspects that are appealing to new residents.

This is your green oasis of peace just near the border of city!

One of Tartu’s most popular areas definitely is Raadi, where Reterra has built Raadimõisa Park Houses. The first two buildings of the quarter are completed. Within a year, third house will be built with a total of 96 apartments. Raadimõisa Park Houses are the perfect home for young families and people who value the proximity of Raadi Park and the Estonian National Museum as well as good access to the Tartu city centre. Beautiful Raadi Park is located right across the street from the real estate development and there are lovely hiking trails as well as convenient low-traffic roads running right next to the park that also serve as biking routes.

Number of houses: 3
Number of apartments: 96
Architects: PIN Arhitektid

CityDuo – Luxurious view of the city

City Duo symbolizes a stylish combination of an exclusive tower house with a panoramic view and an apartment building filled with the warmth of a cozy home.

City Tower is a 12-storey high-rise building with a spacious layout and an outstanding facade, with large balconies in each apartment, stylish lobby and the enchanting view of the city add luxury.

Number of apartments: 45
Architect: QP Architects & Allianss Architects

Parka Kvartals residential block in Riga

Bauskas is a street with an exciting history in the southwestern part of Riga on the left bank of the Daugava River, where the Estonian consulate was located in the 1830s. This green and well-thought-out new residential block of Parka Kvartals will create several new modern apartment buildings in the area. The new development is near bus and tram stops, which makes it easy to use public transport. Several schools and kindergartens are within easy reach of the new residential block and the well-known Turiba private university is within 3 km.

Number of apartments: 102

Status: in construction

Architect: SIA Tectum

Development partner: Invego OÜ

Hipodroomi Quarter combines residential homes and businesses. The total development includes 350,000 m² of residential and commercial properties, new infrastructure, roads, and communications. Tallinn’s newest and greenest hub is a gateway to new opportunities. Built in the first stage are 5 residential buildings with 107 apartments. Hipodroomi Quarter will include 1000 new homes, with gorgeous views of Tallinn Old Town and the sea. The Quarter features four commercial buildings with total volume of 130 000 m². There is room here for all companies, regardless of their size or field.

Hipodroomi Quarter is in an easily accessible location, making it a prime spot for one of the most attractive and high-quality residential developments of Tallinn. Neighbouring the new Quarter is a large park with many sporting opportunities. Just a short walk and you can find yourself at Stroomi beach. The promenade, which runs from Paldiski mnt to Merimetsa road, will feature parks, natural recreation areas, and a pond, offering residents plenty of quiet relaxation opportunities.

Volume: 20 000m2
Architects: PIN

The Hiiu grain elevator in the Nõmme district of Tallinn will have a second life, with the formerly industrial area being turned into the center of the settlement. The existing volume and structure of the Elevator will be preserved.

The area under development is divided into 30% commercial social premises and 70% residential premises. Business premises are planned for the first and last floors of the Elevator, including a unique catering and service area. There are apartments on the remaining floors, and a car park underground. The existing civil defense shelter next to the Elevator will also be preserved and put into use.

The vision of KOKO architects includes a community building located by the central square. The building will serve as a communal space for various events, trainings, etc. There is one surviving tower connected to the community building, marking an important hub. The next stage of planning includes three-story residential buildings being built around the Elevator, with each floor having just 2-4 apartments with spacious terraces. The area around Hiiu grain elevator was built after World War II. The slender grain elevator tower, once its tallest building, has today lost its purpose. The area is bordered by the railway depot of the Sea Fortress of Peter the Great. Changes in the area have already begun, with the narrow railway now replaced by a light traffic road, and St. John’s kindergarten and school recently opened in the neighbourhood.

Volume: 10 000m2
Number of apartments:  124
Architects: KOKO

Tabasalu Centre

Tabasalu Centre is planned in the heart of Tabasalu small town with an area of 13,000 m2. It is a modern shopping and service centre with a Selver store, a pharmacy, and other necessary services on the ground floor. The other floors have different catering, service, commercial and office spaces.

Area: 13000 m2

Architect: PIN Arhitektid

Status: in design

The new business quarter that will be built along Peterburi road will feature offices, manufacturing buildings, warehouse buildings, trade and service buildings. The total volume of the six properties is 24,988 m2, the gross volume above ground is 44,055m2, the gross volume underground is 36,220m2.

The buildings are developed considering the specific wishes and needs of the anchor tenant, and the tenant can be involved in the design and construction of the building. More than 100,000 people live in the vicinity of the extremely accessible Spektri Quarter, providing great potential for future workforce and consumers of services and products.

Spektri Quarter – endless possibilities!

Volume: ca 40 000m2
Architects: KTA

Ermi Street has a very specific landscape identity, which you will not find anywhere else, either in Estonia or in Europe. This unique street space is a symbiosis of the park and the street. The bearing foundation of the linear concrete park with its 7x7-meter concrete grid is the superstructure of the runway of the former military airfield. The development of the Raadi area has significantly increased the intensity of use of Ermi Street. A unique and private residential area will be built on the property located in the Raadi area, Ermi 10.



Number of apartments: 211
Architects: KUU Architects

GROSTONAS - apartment building in Riga

The development project of the Grostonas apartment building is located in Skanstes, Riga, one of the most promising new areas in the city. The project is close to Arena Riga, schools, shops, and the park. Within a 10–15-minute walk, you will find many of Riga’s most popular restaurants, cafés, and the city’s most hipster-friendly Miera Street with its various pop-up shops, studios, and leisure activities.

Number of apartments: 70

Status: projekteerimisel

Architect: SIA Tectum

One of the strengths of the planned residential quarter of the Rannaste, Kingu, Nuka and Variku land areas located in the town of Raadi is certainly its location close to nature right next to the city of Tartu.

The center of Tartu is only a few kilometers away and the goal in the planning process is to find a way to connect the new residential area to the city center. The residents will have convenient options for walking and cycling, thereby contributing to the increase of more sustainable modes of transportation in the immediate vicinity of Tartu. 

Compared to other developments in the region, the big advantage of the new City planned in the Rannaste area is its proximity to the city of Tartu, which is also expanding towards Raadi and will be connected to the new development through a common nature reserve.

The strength of the urban Planning vision of Molumba OÜ architects is a clear axis of public green space passing through the area, with commercial and social buildings all along and inside space. The planned apartment buildings are divided into four distinct groups, each group of buildings will form a separate unit, with a public street space on the periphery and a safe green courtyard area at the center.

Number of apartments: 540
Architects: Molumba

A detailed plan for the construction of a business and residential quarter is currently being processed on the properties at 26 and 26a Peetri Street in Tartu.

Volume: 24,700m2

A private apartment building with commercial premises is planned in the heart of Tabasalu. Situated by Klooga road, the building is easily accessible and has a great location where all necessary services are close at hand.

Number of apartments: 20
Architects: Arhitekt11

TÖÖSTUSE 54 - sea view apartments on the edge of Kalamaja

Tööstuse 54 is a new modern apartment building under construction in Kalamaja with wonderful views of the Gulf of Tallinn. Across the road, there is the Arsenal Centre for swift shopping, the charming Noblessner Marina with restaurants and cafés lies nearby, and in the Kalamaja Park 300 metres away, you can start your morning with a nice run.

Peterburi tee 15 residential and business block

The modern residential and business block at 15 Peterburi Road is currently in the development phase. This unique block will set a new standard of living in the rapidly developing area of Tallinn. Closeness to the city centre, very good transport connections to and from the city, proximity to the airport and Tallinn’s largest shopping centres provides ideal opportunities to work and live in the best-connected block of the city.

Area: 27 000 m2

Status: design ongoing

The history of Miera iela is proof of the legend that Riga will never be complete. At one time, it was just a little path beyond the city limits which led to a graveyard, but as the years have passed it has grown into a dynamic, creative cobblestoned street, whose apparent peace is every now and then shattered by the legendary Number 11 tram.

The residential and business quarter to be built on the properties on Miera Street in Riga is in the Design process.

Number of apartments: 162
Architects: SIA Tectum

A home in the park of the Estonian National Museum is waiting for you!

Raadimõisa Kodu is a private, high-quality living environment that is close to nature. Raadimõisa Kodu is created next to the Estonian National Museum and designed by a recognised architectural firm – PIN Arhitektid. 8 well-lit 4-storey houses will be built in the immediate vicinity of Raadimõisa Park, which will be connected to each other and to the Raadimõisa Park with a well-designed cycle and pedestrian track and the heart of which will be a child-friendly common area with various sports facilities. The first four houses are ready and next ones are already being built. Within an 8-minute drive from the city centre, this living area offers enough privacy, a safe living and playing environment for children, sporting activities, and cultural experiences. Next to the Estonian National Museum, there is a bus stop that guarantees a stable connection to the city centre. Besides, a separate bus stop is planned directly in front of the development.

Number of houses: 8
Number of apartments: 267
Architect: PIN Arhitektid
Builders: Mapri Ehitus OÜ (all stages) and NOBE (first stage)

Leonhard Weiss`s new office and warehouse in Tartu is oriented to offering high quality solutions to forward thinking and renowned company`s clientele. Founded in 1900, LEONHARD WEISS is among Germany's most powerful and successful construction companies. Reterra has developed its new modern office and warehouse for company`s Southern Estonian branch. New building is with energy efficiency class B and is located only 1,5 km from "Lõunakeskus". There are 57 job places in the office area and in addition also wet rooms and dressing rooms for 60 field workers.

Total area: 1800 m2

Architect: Arhitektuuristuudio Märk

Builder: Mapri Ehitus

Lucca StockOffice – Rannamõisa tee 50c, Haabersti

Lucca StockOffice will be a multifunctional business building, where five adjacent companies can consolidate their entire business in one place. A presentable office, showroom, and large storage space will be located close to each other.

The building will be located near the Tiskre roundabout, a few minutes’ drive from Rocca al Mare and Tabasalu, which provides an alternative to daily rush hour traffic for residents of the area and Harku rural municipality. The Lucca StockOffice concept provides employees with a comfortable working environment and free parking and creates conditions for presenting products to customers on site.

Area: 2000 m2

Status: design ongoing

Tiskre Ärimaja – office near your home
Rannamõisa road 38d, Haabersti

Tiskre Ärimaja gives locals an opportunity to get to work by walking, cycling, or rollerblading on cycle and pedestrian tracks. At the same time, it is possible to move in the opposite direction to the general traffic flow with the car, thereby avoiding traffic jams. The focus of the commercial building is on high-quality indoor climate, which is achieved by using future technology with innovative cooling and heating solutions. The building pays special attention to natural light. On the ground floor of the building, there is a dashing meat restaurant with 70 seats – MEAT Resto & Butchery, where breakfast and business lunch are served, and a cosy à la carte steak menu are welcoming you in the evening.

Area: 1500 m2

Architect: Martin Aunin

Status: completed in 2017

Development partner: Invego OÜ

Lumina Homes in Tartu – A new quality of your life

Three modern apartment buildings have been built in the new development of Lumina Homes and soon the second stage of the development will kick-off. The location of the homes considers the most important aspects of a high-quality living environment – greenery of the nature, proximity to the city centre, and amenities for daily activities. The houses have modern architecture, high quality, and elaborate interior design. All apartments have large windows and cosy balconies, each home also has a separate storeroom and parking space on the ground floor.

Number of houses: 9

Number of apartments : 141

Architects: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid

Builder: Mapri Ehitus

Headquarters of Heathmont Group – a modern office complex of an international IT company in Kalamaja

An office complex with two separate houses and an innovative heating solution will be completed in summer 2020 on the corner of Jahu and Suur-Patarei streets where the Heathmont Group, a rapidly developing and international IT company, will have its headquarters. The modern office complex will create jobs for up to 250 people. New and old are intertwined here – an old historic limestone building will be reconstructed, and an attractive new building will be right next to it. Thanks to its good location, you can enjoy sea views from the houses or walk to the Old Town or harbor within minutes.

Area: 4800 m2

Architect: Martin Aunin

Builders: Mapri Ehitus OÜ ja NOBE

Development partner: Invego OÜ

WoHo hybrid quarter– the future landscape with offices of Telia and Pipedrive

WoHo (Work/Home) is a forward-looking hybrid quarter where two inseparable sides of life – home and work – are intertwined. The block at the heart of the city’s consists of two 14-story exclusive high-rise buildings and a parking house with 500 parking spaces. The total area of the buildings is 35,000 m2 and 1,300 smart people work here daily. Modern and well-thought-out technical solutions make life comfortable as well as help to save the environment and keep costs under control. Innovation also attracts innovative companies – the first building is home to Telia, Estonia’s largest telecommunications company, while Pipedrive, the world-conquering Estonian IT company, has established itself in the second building. In addition, there are 49 luxury 3.2-meter high apartments on the top five floors of the house with floor-to-ceiling windows; three apartments are of the extremely luxurious penthouse type.

  • Nominee for the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Award 2017
  • Nominee for the annual award of Estonian Association of Interior Architects 2017
  • Best BIM collaboration project award 2018

Total area: 35 000 m2

Number of apartments: 49

Architect: PIN Arhitektid

Builder: AS Merko Ehitus, Mapri Ehitus and NOBE

The WoHo quarter has been created in cooperation with EKE Invest and Polaria Kinnisvara.

Pähkli Home terraced houses in the heart of Tabasalu

Tabasalu Pähkli Home development is a complete living environment consisting of three modern terraced houses on the corner of Pähkli and Sarapuu Streets created by top Estonian architects. These living spaces are modern and with highly practical interior solutions. The well-lit houses are built in accordance with the energy-efficiency concept. The new residential complex offers residents the opportunity to live in a green and cosy suburban environment, where everything you need is just minutes away. A home in the right place!

Number of terraced houses: 24
Architects: PIN Arhitektid
Builder: Eston Ehitus
Development partner: Invego OÜ

Mustika Villas
Large and exclusive properties in Viimsi peninsula

Properties of Mustika Villas with over 3,000 m² are located by the sea, 4 km from the city border, in a new residential area created within a pine forest in Pringi village, on Mustika road. A detached house up to two storeys tall can be built on a quiet plot on a dead-end street. The layout of the building area preserves the natural environment with tall trees. The picturesque Haabneeme Beach and the Viimsi Open Air Museum are within walking distance. The new modern Laanelinnu kindergarten is located right on the border of the residential area, the schoolhouse and the Viimsi centre are also a few kilometres away. A home in Mustika Villas, surrounded by pine forests, is perfect for a person who values privacy.

Number of properties: 16

Status: completed in 2016

The 3,800-square-metre complex of Erastvere Care Centre is rented by Lõuna-Eesti Hooldekeskus AS, who opened the Kanepi Home, the largest of its kind in Põlva County, in 2019, providing a 24-hour general care service on the shore of a lake in the beautiful Erastvere village. In addition to the general care services, Kanepi Home with its more than 100 places offers care also for bedridden patients and people with dementia. The entire building has been specifically built as a care centre and has been recently renovated, with new furniture and other furnishings being installed.

Area: 3800 m2

Status: completed

Anchor tenant: Lõuna-Eesti Hooldekeskus AS

Vilmsi 7 – A noble home in Kadriorg

Vilmsi 7 is fully renovated historic wooden house under heritage protection with only 8 unique apartments. The building at 7 Vilmsi Street is located between the historical Vilmsi and Vesivärava streets in Kadriorg. The oldest buildings have been standing here since 1887.

The development has been modernised to meet current requirements – it has restored floors and attempts have been made to preserve the original solution as much as possible. The apartments are of different sizes (47–130 m²) and are therefore suitable for both families and individuals. The interior design of the apartment was created by renowned interior designer Aet Piel, whose practical approach has made those living spaces particularly unique. Many apartments have restored old parquet floors, high doors, stylish ceiling cornices and rosettes, and good-looking functional furnaces. Four apartments also have their own private courtyard.

Vilmsi 7 – modern comfort with a historical twist – for people looking for a unique home!

Number of houses: 1
Number of apartments: 8
Architect: renovated (designed in 1913 by architect O. Schott)